Paper Rolls

Paper Rolls
The paper and printing industries have greatly improved nowadays. There are different types of printers today. There are impact printers that use ink for printing and also thermal printers that do not require ink to print. Each of these types of printers also has different brands used for different types of printing.

Given the wide and varying applications of the numerous types of printers that we have today, the type of paper rolls used for printing on them differ greatly. For example, there are thermal papers which are available in different sizes and colors used in thermal printers. You cannot use them for printing in ink printers. Ink printers or dot matrix have their own special type of paper rolls. You can use white bond paper or carbonless papers on them because they require inked ribbon in order to print images.

From the above, paper rolls are not the same. They differ in their application as well as their sizes. There are two major types of printers that are used for printing, namely, thermal printers and ink printers. Each paper roll is meant to be used on specific type of printer. So, it is highly necessary that you use the right type of paper on your printer.

Types of Paper Rolls
Basically, paper rolls are of three types:

  • Thermal Paper Rolls
  • White or Plain Bond Paper Rolls
  • Carbonless Paper Rolls

The quality of printing and images produced on these paper rolls by the printers differ greatly. Thermal papers have better printing quality because of the clarity of the images and characters. However, this does not mean that the printing on other types of paper rolls is very inferior. They are also good but in terms of degree of clarity, thermal paper rolls remain unbeatable. The images on thermal paper of great quality can last as long as five years without getting blurred or losing its quality.

Paper rolls used for receipt making differ greatly in their security features. Nowadays, owing to the improvement in the printing and paper industry, there are a lot of paper rolls that come with marvelous security features that make it difficult for fraudsters to duplicate the receipts. This helps in guiding against return fraud. Receipt papers today come with inks and symbols that can only be viewed through an UV light. So, it will be difficult for ill minded individuals to forge receipts that have such security features.

However, it is not every paper roll in the market used for receipt making that come with these security features. So, if you want to guide against return fraud, you have to look for such papers rolls. It is also possible nowadays to have your paper rolls customized for you so that they will bear the features you want. You can include the logo of your business, trademark, adverts and any other thing that you want.

Each type of paper roll in the market today has its own proper storage temperature. For example, thermal papers are not to be exposed to too much heat. If you study them in an environment that exposes them to a very high temperature, they will spoil easily.

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